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ONAIR SHOPPING is a new presence in the retail sector with the objective of leading the revolution which smartphones will bring about to our relationship with actual shops. This is a revolution that shops alone will not be able to make happen. We are in search of more responsive and prosperous relationships, to energise the industry, to the benefit of all.

We were created in 2013 in Barcelona by senior professionals in the fields of innovation, management, technology and retail. We are professionals with a sound track-record in the world of innovation, specialising in both actual shops and online technology.

Our competive edge, which sets us apart, is our expertise in the process of creating new services. We work continuously with shoppers and retail chains, using innovation methodologies to understand the challenges when making purchases in actual shops. And we do this in diverse markets such as Spain, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Holland - because understanding what is universal is at the heart of what we do. And it is in our DNA to offer today the game-changing services of tomorrow; the ones that mark a before and an after.

Our clients have an innovative attitude, they are able to spot opportunities and they join us to start seeing benefits from Day One. We have an ever-growing network of large and medium retail chains which sell electronic goods and applicances, fashion items and home & garden goods.

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